Paradise valley

“the coolest place I have ever been”

“the coolest place I have ever been”

When some hippies found their way to Paradise Valley is was rumored that they never wanted to leave, and neither will you. Start your day after breakfast with a drive through to the foothills of The Atlas Mountains, past the villages into the start of the oasis's.  A pit at an Argan Co-op and where you will learn the secrets of the magical argan oil.  The best place to get your bio uncut argan delights. Then hit the road again till you get to the valley. We start the hike through the valley, where lunch will be prepared waiting for us- either a special paradise tagine or Berber-Q . After being fuelled up for the day we are ready to explore the pools and all that paradise has to offer. Try the cliff jumps yourself or dare M'hand to do his amazing superman jump! 

Price from €30 per person 5 + people. €35 per person for 4 people and under - includes guided tour,  lunch, water, tea, and transport. 


“the bay.”


Imsouane the most chilled out bay in Morocco. Take a ride north, past the wide playgrounds of our instructors youth, the expanses of Tamri and beyond. Into the secret dunes for a dune photoshoot and then onto the bay.  Enjoy a locals lunch cooked from the freshest of fish, experience the longest waves in Morocco, get hosted by the locals. See the secret beaches no one else knows.

Prices €35 per person, minimum 4 people, €40 less then 4 people

View over the famous longest wave in Africa