Beat the September back-to-business blues by joining us on 6 October 2018 when Lisa Shaw from Balearic Yoga will teach up to seven classes throughout the five-night retreat with two in-depth workshops:

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

An in-depth workshop on slow body engagement, calisthenics, mobility, animal locomotion and mind science. In this workshop participants focus on how to move safely with control, and work on toning and strengthening the body through movement. This workshop is guaranteed to leave you feeling stretched, worked, strong and confident within your movement and will incorporate some arm balances and the steps to safe handstand practice.

Be Consistent and Flow

Following the Slow & Steady Wins the Race workshop, the Be Consistent and Flow offers a clear understanding of smooth, controlled transitions between postures to ensure a consistency of movement to create a flow. Participants work on breathing techniques and breath control to begin linking the breath and movement together to create a moving meditation.

In between morning flow classes and evening restorative classes, we’ll organize a day trip to the nearby weekly souk or scenic Paradise Valley, yogic events such as a guided practice to meditation, mindful walks, and women's circles. And we'll share our meals together on the terrace with a view. All of which is included in the package price.

Prices for a five-night stay start at 400€ / £360 per person

Tamazirt by Amayour is a place to practice yoga and meditate, but also to unwind on the rooftop terrace while watching life in the village of Agouni unfold, to laze by the heated pool during warm afternoons, to indulge in locally sourced menus, and gaze at the stars as night falls. And if there’s a chill in the air once the sun sets, cozy up with a cup of tea!

About Lisa Shaw

With a background in dance, choreography, surfing and long distance open-water swimming, Lisa understands the human anatomy on a deep level. Her dynamic, creative style takes participants on a journey through breath control, fluid movement, body engagement, calisthenics, animalistic education, power, strength, alignment, grounding, transition of weight, balance and restoring. Lisa believes in opening the mind to one’s practice, moving outside of one’s comfort zones and exploring one’s capabilities, while finding one’s personal journey through an adventure of yoga by creating an equilibrium between a state of rest and balance.