What to pack for a yoga retreat in Taghazout

Since opening Tamazirt by Amayour, a dedicated yoga retreat centre in the Anti-Atlas Mountains just 10 minutes from Taghazout, Morocco we have enjoyed meeting yogis of all levels. We’re often asked about what to pack and what to leave at home. So to help make packing easier (and save room for those inevitable Moroccan goodies you’re sure to pick up along the way), we’ve prepared a list of the essentials for your yoga retreat in Taghazout.

Yoga pants and activewear tops

This is a no-brainer, but just to say that at Tamazirt by Amayour we take a laid-back approach to what to wear during your yoga retreat. Comfort is obviously important, but beyond that, we don’t have a preference to labels or fashion styles.

A jumper and socks

As we start each day watching the sunrise during our morning yoga practice, getting out of bed and climbing up to the yoga shala can be a bit chilly. A sweater and warm socks are a must during cooler months while warming up during practice. You’ll also be happy you’ve packed them during evening sunset savasana. All meals are served al fresco with views of the rolling hills and argan trees dotting the landscape so an extra layer is needed.


The outdoor pool just steps from the main building gets direct sunlight throughout the day, making it the perfect spot for escaping with a book, journaling or chatting with fellow yogis in between dips in the pool.


On the topic of journaling, there are no shortage of cosy nooks (and supplies of tea or coffee) for enjoying the silence and a bit of reflection.

Comfortable walking shoes

We know yoga is done barefoot, but the rolling Anti-Atlas Mountains accessible from the doorstep of Tamazirt by Amayour, are perfect for a mindful walk (and when you need a rest or a bit of reflection, the argan trees provide the perfect shade). We’ll also venture out on an optional day trip either to the souk or nearby Paradise Valley where you’ll be glad you packed your trainers.

A pair of flip flops

These will come in handy when heading up to the pool, to slip on for yoga class, or for use in the shared bathroom.

Sunscreen, sunglasses and sunhat

At Tamazirt by Amayour we benefit from what seems like endless sunshine. Whether soaking up the sun poolside or lounging on the rooftop terrace and while we do provide parasols, you’ll be thankful you’ve packed sunscreen and a sunhat. Many guests appreciate having these items on hand for the various activities we engage in throughout the week.


Bring along anything you may not be able to live without, but feel free to leave the shampoo and conditioner as well as soap (we provide a local alternative) to us. As it’s a yoga retreat, we also recommend natural looks - feel free to leave the hair straightener and cosmetic bag at home!

An open mind

Whether an amateur yogi or you’ve been practising for years, you’ve made the decision to join a yoga retreat so we suggest going into the experience with an open mind. Let go of any inhibitions. Try new poses. Free yourself of any need to be connected. Taste new foods. Take a moment to reward yourself for any challenges or accomplishments. Maybe this is your first time travelling solo, practising yoga, or even going to Morocco. Soak it all up.

Yoga equipment

At Tamazirt by Amayour we have gone to great lengths to stock the yoga shala with quality YogaMatters mats, bolsters, blocks and straps, so unless you have a favourite mat that you cannot practice without, we’ve got you covered.

Your passport

Not only will you need your passport to travel to Morocco, but we will require details noted within your passport (including date of birth, passport number and the identification number provided in your passport by the customs officer upon arrival in the country) when checking in to Tamazirt by Amayour.

Foreign currency to exchange

The Moroccan Dirham is a closed currency, meaning you cannot purchase the currency outside of Morocco. Currency exchange offices and leading banks are located in Agadir, but there are no bank machines in Taghazout or Agouni, where Tamazirt by Amayour is located. Taxis between Agadir and Taghazout will accept Euros, but you will need local currency for any additional purchases you may wish to make.

Ready to book a yoga retreat? Find out about our upcoming yoga retreats at Tamazirt by Amayour.