The nearest airport to Taghazout is Agadir International ( AGA) 45 min taxi ride/300 DH Fixed price max 6 passengers. 

Essaouira Airport is 800 Dh 2.5 hours away 

Our driver can pick you up from Agadir Airport or Essaouira Airport and bring you to our door.

Or from Agadir bus station for 150 dh 

We are situated behind the square where you arrive from the bus or taxi

24 panorama St Taghazout

You will see our terrace from the square. 

We are 30 seconds from the nearest break! 

ther airports from the UK and Europe are Essaouira and Marrakech with Ryan Air, EasyJet or Thomson Airways 

We can help you with arrange car and scooter hire in Taghazout.

arking is secured with a guardian for 10 dh a night.


The currency is Moroccan Dirham MAD
Check for latest rates. 

There are NO ATM'S in Taghazout. The nearest one is 5-10 mins in banana village. a 5 dirham taxi ride.  

Morocco is mainly a cash driven economy, it is advisable to exchange money airport on landing.

We take credit and debit card payments in house. No Amex or  American Express


Wifi - is available in the apartments / house

Phone coverage is good.  If you are planning to stay for a while, you can get a local SIM card.

There is wifi available in many of the cafes and restaurants and there is an internet cafe next to the pharmacy under the mosque near the market square.


During the winter season, it is warm in the day  and be chilly at night.  This is an outside lifestyle.

Bring something for the evenings on the terraces. We have many warm terrace blankets.

Morocco is a liberal Muslim country. Both men and women are fine to wear shorts and t-shirts. Beach wear, as with most beach resorts in Europe, is for the beach.  It’s advisable to cover up a little whilst walking through town.  

We can provide a laundry service for you. 


Are more then welcome, we are a family here!  We have suits and boards for children. 

If you require a babysitter for the evening, we can help find one for you & we have a travel cot for infants for €5 per night.  


Bath towels are provided free but not beach towels are rentable.


Taghazout is a dry town but with notice before 4/5 pm we can provide alcohol for you.

Agadir is the nearest large town where alcohol is available in bars and restaurants and in the shops.


You can self cater, or we can cater for you. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby. 


No vaccinations are required for  Morocco and anti-malarial precautions are not necessary.

In case of an emergency, there are hospitals and clinics in Agadir.

Medical charges will apply according to treatment received so make sure you have travel insurance before you arrive.

There is a well stocked pharmacy in Taghzout  which is open everyday with a qualified and knowledgeable pharmacist.

Please have medical insurance before you travel. Amayour Surf is not responsible for injuries in or out of the hostel.


No visa is required from the EU.