What does a typical day at Amayour look like?

07:30 - Wake up

08:00 - Energize with morning rooftop Yoga

09:00 - Indulge in a filling Moroccan breakfast

11:00 - Put on your wetsuit and get ready to surf!

11:30 - Arrive at 1 of 25 world class surf spots located locally

14:00 - Grab a well-deserved lunch from local restaurants or street-food vendors

16:00 - Put your feet up and relax on our rooftop terrace...or go surfing again!

18:00 - Take a stroll or enjoy the glorious Moroccan sunset

20:00 - Enjoy dinner with new-found friends


Note: The timings of surf lessons change depending upon tides and optimal wave conditions

Why Morocco?

Known as the gateway to Africa, Morocco is a short hop from Europe, offering endless summer sun, world class surf breaks, and rich culture.

Glorious year-round sunshine

Perfect location for beginners learning to surf

World Class waves for experienced surfers looking to shred barrelling point breaks

Daily yoga classes on our stylish rooftop terrace, overlooking miles or perfect surf

Delicious authentic Moroccan meals prepared daily

What is there to do in Taghazout?



Skateboarding (check out @taghazout_skatepark on instagram)

Quad biking

Hamams / steam bath

Food, lots of food!

25 surf spots locally

Weekly market

Day trips to Paradise Valley

Notes: Taghazout does not have an ATM. The nearest ATM is in the neighbouring village, “Aurir”



The nearest airport to Taghazout is Agadir International ( AGA) 50 min taxi ride 300 DH /€30

Essaouira Airport is 800 Dh 2.5 hours away 

Or from Agadir bus station for 150 dh /€15

Our driver can pick you up from Agadir Airport or Essaouira Airport and bring you to our door.

We are situated behind the square where you arrive from the bus or taxi

24 panorama St Taghazout

You will see our terrace from the square. 

We are 30 seconds from the nearest break! 

Parking is secured with a guardian for 10 dh a night.


The currency is Moroccan Dirham MAD

We take Euros & MAD- our billing system is in EURO for ease - we do a live conversion.
Check http://www.xe.com for latest rates. 

There are NO ATM'S in Taghazout. The nearest one is 5-10 mins in banana village. a 5 dirham taxi ride.  

Morocco is mainly a cash driven economy, it is advisable to exchange money airport on landing.


Wifi - is readily available in the village

Phone coverage is good.  If you are planning to stay for a while, you can get a local SIM card.

There is wifi available in many of the cafes and restaurants and there is an internet cafe next to the pharmacy under the mosque near the market square.


We have daily yoga lessons 8.00 please notify teacher of any injuries and level of yoga.


We surf every day weather permitting, taking you to the surf spot is included as a session, we will take you to the spot that fits your level - If it is unsurfable we are not able to refund due to incremental weather or sickness.

Lessons are non- transferable from one guests to another


During the winter season, it is warm in the day and cold at night.  This is an outside lifestyle.

Bring something warm for the evenings on the terraces.

Morocco is a liberal Muslim country. Both men and women are fine to wear shorts and t-shirts. Beach wear, as with most beach resorts in Europe, is for the beach.  It’s advisable to cover up a little whilst walking through town.  

We can provide a laundry service for you. 


Shower towels are provided free of charge, we have a limited supply of beach towels.


Taghazout is a dry town but we supply beers and wine .


We have a wonderful nightly menu that we are known for = Local fresh and wild dishes


No vaccinations are required for  Morocco and anti-malarial precautions are not necessary.

In case of an emergency, there are hospitals and clinics in Agadir.

Medical charges will apply according to treatment received so make sure you have travel insurance before you arrive.

There is a well stocked pharmacy in Taghazout  which is open everyday with a qualified and knowledgeable pharmacist.

.Amayour Surf is not responsible for injuries in or out of the hostel.

It may be advisable to take probiotics before you visit Morocco.


No visa is required from the EU.


We have security cameras on site


Is Morocco safe?

We have a safe space policy for solo female travellers - Please report any incidents to the staff or managers.

Taghazout is used to tourists and aggression to tourists is not taken lightly.