If you haven’t heard about Amayour Surf, the best beachside surf house in Morocco; you’re missing out on their handcrafted home with stunning views of the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

Take your surfing to the next level…

Take your surfing to the next level…

I'm Krissie, Amayour Surf's brand new blogger and I believe that life is better when you’re laughing and having fun in the sun; to me surfing and yoga are sports which are so enjoyable, you don’t even realise you’re exercising!

I recently discovered that yoga can really help your surfing by enhancing your flexibility, mobility and strength. So I decided I would hunt for the best surf and yoga retreat in Morocco. You're pretty much guranteed waves and sunshine all year and Taghazout is known as Morocco’s premier surfing destination, perfect for all levels of surfing, even if you’re trying it for the first time.

Amayour Surf has the perfect set up if you're wanting to take your surfing to the next level. With a choice of Morocco’s best reef breaks, point breaks and beach breaks just around the corner.

Make it your own…

Amayour Surf’s hand-picked surf and yoga package holidays, VIP residency guest weeks and retreats will present you with a difficult decision on what to choose as your next surf or yoga holiday- but it’s a nice dilemma to have!

I have heard that Amayour Surf is the best surf house in Taghazout because of their unique outlook on how a surf and yoga holiday should be.  They will allow you to make your surf holiday your own; if you wanted to surf a little more than practising yoga, then they will tailor your package.

Morocco Surf Yoga Retreat December 2017

Surf & Yoga Retreat

December 2nd-9th 2017

Spaces are filling fast!


With my huge passion for surfing combined with my new love of yoga, I saw Amayour Surf’s Surf & Yoga retreat and simply couldn’t resist…The retreat I came across is taking place on the 2nd-9th of December, 2017. This is the perfect winter sun getaway, it’s the best time to escape the cold winter in the UK and swap it for Morocco’s warm water, sunrise yoga and sunset surf sessions.

Feel better about the winter cold months...

Having this trip to look forward to is making me feel a lot better about the cold winter months in England! I am looking forward to indulging myself in the Moroccan culture, the amazing food, the dreamy beaches with perfect waves, the sunshine and the unique Moroccan lifestyle…

We never have to stop chasing the sun with Morocco being a £50 return flight from London airports… yes a return flight is just £50!

Amayour Surf isn’t like the rest...

Amayour surf is a huge ongoing creative project run by Shiraz and Mhand, the couple are very much in love with their surf house in Taghazout, they told me that being in Morocco is like living with a group of ambitious, inspiring and creative people who are constantly wanting to see new and exciting things for their community.

Amayour surf wanted to add to these new and exciting things going on in Taghazout and wanted to include the Moroccan community as much as they could.

For this reason, Amayour Surf has a very unique ethos and are keen to promote sustainable tourism by employing locals where they can, giving their visitors more of an insight to Moroccan culture at the same time as boosting local employment.



The surf and yoga retreat week I have booked onto is part of Amayour surf’s brand new residency week program. Amayour Surf are now offering unique programs, featuring exclusive VIP guests to bring something new to Taghazout.


PRO SURF & YOGA RETREAT with the popular couple, Alan & Philly Stokes

Are you ready for a week of relaxation, fun, sun and waves? BOOK NOW, come and join us, we can't wait to meet you! 


Top chef Tim Spedding will be running a week, sharing his love of fish and surfing. You Surf in the morning, followed by souk hunting and cooking demos in the afternoon, you'll end the day feasting on the sunset roof terrace.

HOUSE OF VOGA (yoga and voguing)

Love disco, love yoga, love sunshine, love fun? This will be the perfect combination for you. Voga on the rooftop and surf in the sunny waves, exclusively to Amayour Surf and for the first time in Morocco.

Contact & Booking

To book the Surf & Yoga Retreat featured in this blog (December 2nd-9th 2017), click here. 

Click here to view all of Amayour Surf's current packages on offer. Don't forget each package can be tailored within reason. 

Email: hello@amayoursurf.com 


Call: M'hand: +212 6 95 43 47 84, Shiraz: +212 6 99 27 45 69


Krissie Claire (copy writer, blogger and all things Digital)