Swap those horrible rainy, grey days for some sunshine, surf and yoga… Treat yourself.

Are you planning your next winter escape, but simply can’t picture yourself sat by the pool all day long? You’re probably the adventurous one who wants to try something new and exhilarating on your travels…

Luckily for you, we love people like you here at Amayour surf, and we have something that just might entice you.

Learn to surf...

Have you had the desire to learn to surf for a long time but haven’t found the right place? Maybe you haven’t been able to convince your friends to join you, (silly friends) and didn’t want to do it alone.

We thought you might like to know that Taghazout in Morocco, is the best winter destination to begin your surfing journey!

Trust me, you won’t regret it… you’ll easily make friends at Amayour Surf who are constantly seeking an adventure too!

Exercise? But I was having so much fun...

Surfing can be such a giggle, you won’t even realise you’re exercising, but you’ll certainly work up an appetite for our famous Moroccan meals. 

Cultural experience

Discover Moroccan spices and flavours... 

The ideal surf holiday for beginners would be affordable, be located somewhere sunny, and accommodated a walk away from a choice of surf spots. Morocco is the best place for nice easy, dreamy waves for learning to surf and with the help of experienced surf instructors everywhere you look, you’ll have no excuse to not try surfing for the first time!

At Amayour Surf, our surf & yoga packages are tailored to getting you confident on the waves. Our instructors have been surfing in morocco all their lives and will tell you all their best tips!

We care about your individual needs, book on to our next surf and yoga retreat, (December 2nd-9th) and you'll be riding the waves in no time! 

Why Taghazout, Morocco?

Taghazout, Morocco is a popular destination for beginner surfers because it is located on the northern tip of Africa, its climate is inviting and warm and the waves suit all abilities. What’s even better is that the swell arrives right in the middle of Europe’s winter, making Morocco the best winter surf escape for European beginners!

You can grab return flights for as little as £50 and Moroccan food is much more affordable than European prices and delicious!

List of beginner surf spots

With over 20 surf spots in a 20 km radius from Amayour Surf, there is always a wave for you to learn to surf. We know the best spots, from our local beach break Panorama Point to Tamri & beyond.  Here’s just a few...

Panorama Point, Taghazout

Fabulous sunsets from our roof top terrace...

There's the beach you'll learn to surf!

Panorama Point has a learning beach which is a 5 minute walk from Amayour Surf Hostel, you can see it from our roof terrace! The beginner beach features a long sweeping right hander, so easy to surf with dreamy, slow and clean waves.

The point is a 30 minute walk from Amayour Surf Hostel and is more for experienced surfers so you’ll enjoy the beginner beach which you can see from our roof terrace!

La source, Taghazout

Lovely left and right handers, perfect for all surfing levels; here you can figure out which is your favourite way to surf.

Smaller reef sections together with sandy sections provides a clean wave here which is great news for beginner surfers!

Amayour Surf Hostel is just a 20 minute walk away!

Tamri & Imsouane (Devil’s Rock)

surf morocco.png

This could be you!

Clean, green, dreamy waves...

Day trip with Amayour Surf:

Amayour Surf’s instructors were born on this beach, it was their playground. They know this beach better than anyone around - It can be dangerous but with our instructors and guides it’s safe and again, great for beginners.

Imsouane is known as the most chilled out bay in Morocco, great for longboarders and learning to surf for the first time. Amayour Surf’s day trip is magical, after experiencing the longest waves in Morocco, and discovering the secret beaches no one else knows about you will discover Moroccan cultural foods.

Discover the best surf and yoga packages in Morocco with Amayour Surf!



The next surf and yoga retreat is with pro surfer and 3x British champion, Alan Stokes and yoga teacher Philly on December the 2nd-9th 2017- BOOKING UP FAST! DON'T MISS OUT!

There's only two double rooms left and they are gorgeous!

Bright, Fresh & Handcrafted Decor...

Bright, Fresh & Handcrafted Decor...